Welcome to Lightbulb Wealth Management

We provide personalised advice and holistic financial solutions that offer outstanding value – and deliver lasting results.

As a privately owned family practice, we act only for our clients. That starts with getting to know you and your aspirations. It ensures we provide investment, wealth management, financial planning and business advice that’s designed specifically for you – and that adapts to your changing needs and aspirations over time.

We have vast investment experience across Australia’s property, share and other markets. We can help with all your financial needs – from mortgages and superannuation to estate planning and investment advice. Together with our network of Australian professionals, we also offer taxation, accounting and legal services.

Many of our clients choose us to be their principal adviser, because they trust us. They know that with our deep understanding of them and their portfolios, we can help them navigate change and challenges, identify opportunities and plan for a prosperous future.